We are Heather and Andy Barratt of Barratt Digital Services. We provide technological solutions to the film and television industry including interactive video playback, aerial (drone) footage, equipment hire, 3D printing, laser engraving and cutting, embroidery, web and app development, and on-set assistance and training.

Unlike our competitors, we are a small husband and wife team based in Scotland offering competitive prices and a friendly, human service. If you’re an art director, set dresser or production designer, we can help you get set up and doing what you do best.

Annika – Black Camel

Our first job was assisting the art directors, production designers and set decorators of Black Camel’s upcoming TV series, Annika, starring Nicola Walker. This production required equipment hire and on-set assistance setting up a number of discreet computers to display interactive playback in a makeshift modern police station in Greenock, we of course provided interactive playback where requested too. We were also commissioned to design and produce 3D printed Police badges for the show. They were both printed and painted by ourselves to the requirements of the production team.

Finally, in a more unusual request, we also researched, designed, laser cut and built two model bridges based on a centuries old bridge in North Wales to be filmed in various states of assembly, all with only a few days notice.