Equipment Hire

It’s all well and good having some beautiful interactive playback in your scene, but if you can’t get the thing onto a screen, it’s kind of pointless. We are able to provide basic equipment to help you get the job done, whether that be Apple or Windows computers, or as is proving quite popular, discreet computers such as Raspberry Pis which can be stuck behind screens or underneath desks, running those graphics without a machine in sight!

But we know that getting the hardware isn’t always the end point, which is why we can offer help in getting it set up too. Especially useful when you need an obscure looking operating system with no branding on it that has been skinned to fit your mise-en-scène. We can even help get you set up on-site, guide your crew through the operation of the equipment and, where required, stick around for the shoot for the particularly technical endeavours.